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At GrimeForce UK, we employ the latest window cleaning technology to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible. The Reach and Wash System allows us to clean windows to an exceptional level of clarity, even in difficult to reach places. This dynamic new system gives our team greater flexibility while simultaneously providing a better clean for your windows.

How it works

The Reach and Wash System is essentially an extendible water-fed pole with a soft filament brush on the end of it. While that may sound incredibly simple, the system has revolutionised the way that commercial window cleaning takes place.

The lightweight extendable pole delivers water to the brush and allows our operatives to clean your windows from ground level, up to a height of 70 feet.

Because the pole holds a soft filament brush and, this system is extremely kind to surfaces, making it a great choice for heritage or delicate buildings.

The real innovation with the Reach and Wash System comes with how pure water is used to clean the surface. By ‘pure’ water, we mean completely de-mineralised, de-ionised water, water in its purest form.

Pure Water

Unlike the tap water that is typically used to clean windows, which contains many minerals and impurities, the pure water used in this system is passed through a de-ionising process which completely purifies the water. This removes minerals which can stain or streak the surface of the glass, allowing your windows to look their very best.

De-ionised water is in fact a particularly reactive solvent, quickly and efficiently dissolving small substances. The soft filament brush helps tackle any tougher particles, and the constant flow of water means that your windows will soon be gleaming and streak-free.

Before we carry out any work, comprehensive site-specific Risk Assessments & Method Statements are provided along with a full Health and Safety information pack.

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